A picture book manuscript in progress. Princess Jellybean likes messy finger painting, climbing trees and playing with bugs. She bakes cupcakes with weird flavors and never uses recipes (or peanuts, because she’s allergic.) On a visit to a neighboring kingdom she meets Prince Rex, who insists prissy princesses don't DO things like that. (Rex has never actually met a princess before, but he’s read the stories.) Rex puts a peanut in Jellybean's bed, thinking her allergy will prove she's a "delicate" princess after all. When Jellybean isn’t shaken by the allergic reaction, Rex begins to realize that there’s more to gain by seeing who Jellybean is than by trying to make her the princess he thought she’d be.

The Princess & The Peanut

  • thumbnail of Princess Jellybean baking sarding cupcakes
  • thumbnail of Prince Rex's Family Portrait
  • thumbnail of Princess Jellybean Finger Painting
  • thumbnail of Princess Jellybean climbing trees