Quarantine Projects

Before the pandemic, I often struggled with feeling like my world was smaller than that of many of my peers because of my disability. Now for the last 7+ months my world has reduced in size to the 1200 square feet of my home and occasional walks up and down the block. While I have always found beauty and joy in small things, it has been during this time that I have come to recognize the solace they provide. My world may be small, but it becomes huge in comparison to the microcosm of a caterpillar chewing through a leaf, or a snail slowly painting the sidewalk with iridescent trails. Our worlds have all become much smaller, and most of us are chafing under the strain. I have found that when I am constrained, there is freedom in choosing further constraint - by shrinking my scope even farther, sometimes I find room to breathe.

For the first few months of the pandemic, I ran a weekly online prompt & crit group for a multi-disciplinary group of creatives. These projects and experiments either resulted or grew from those prompts.

  • thumbnail of Gilt/Guilt
  • thumbnail of Dust (Original)
  • thumbnail of Salt & Peppered Moths - Luna
  • thumbnail of Spider's Web (without glass)
  • thumbnail of Hummingbird Clearwings moth & Leopard Moth
  • thumbnail of Home