Often when something has "gone bad" it has given rise to something new, but it can be hard to appreciate new growth in the shadow of our disappointment. I like the idea of spending hours meticulously crafting something that most people think of as ruined.

This series reflects my own journey to reframe my life as a disabled person. I spent a decade only seeing the ways that my life hadn’t turned out how I had expected it to, and seeing those discrepancies as failures. It has only been by readjusting my lens that I have learned to appreciate the life I do have. I am finally allowing myself to be happy.

I believe this work also taps into a larger experience that is particularly strong right now. The past year+ of pandemic has derailed what most people expected from their lives. We have all had to reframe our expectations and our sources of joy. I hope this work can reflect those experiences too, and help encourage the (sometimes painful) growth it takes to make that shift.

  • thumbnail of Sweet on You
  • thumbnail of The Thing With Feathers (installation detail)
  • thumbnail of Survival (Screaming Into the Void) (installation detail)
  • thumbnail of The Long and Winding Road (snail detail)
  • thumbnail of Putting Down Roots
  • thumbnail of Irrepressible (Tree Roots vs. Asphalt) (top down)
  • thumbnail of Eat Your Greens
  • thumbnail of Stuck on You
  • thumbnail of Lost and Found
  • thumbnail of Climbing the Walls (Lichen installation on brick wall)
  • thumbnail of If These Walls Could Talk (baseboard installation)
  • thumbnail of How Does Your Garden Grow? (Tobacco Hornworm on Defoliated Tomato Plant)
  • thumbnail of Silverfish Lace I
  • thumbnail of Kitchen Garden (Sprouted Potato I)
  • thumbnail of Microorganized II (Wheat Bread Slice with Mold) (on white)
  • thumbnail of Microorganized I (White Bread Slice With Mold) (on white)