Selected Exhibitions

2021 Emotional Weather, Winchester-Dondero Cultural Center, Las Vegas, NV (Juried group)

2017-19 Residency in Chronic Pain, Gestating ideas while debilitating chronic migraine limited my physical ability to create and show work, My Brain (unavoidably solo)

2016 Somerville Curiosity Shop/Somerville Local Arts Mall, Somerville, MA (pop-ups)

2016 Fusion: Art Inspired by Science, Westchester Community College Center for The Arts, White Plains, NY (Invitational)

2015 [Untitled], Tenacre Art Gallery, Wellseley, MA (Solo)

2015 Museum Show, Room 83 Spring, Watertown, MA (Invitational)

2015 From Scratch, New Bedford Art Museum, New Bedford, MA (Solo)

2015 Potluck, Gallery One Visual Art Center, Ellensburg, WA (Invitational)

2015 From Scratch, Olin Hall Gallery, Salem. VA (Solo)

2014 PUNCH Gallery International Juried Exhibition, PUNCH Gallery, Seattle, WA (Juried Group)

2014 Objects for work, Objects for Play and to Cherish, Bristol Art Museum, Bristol, RI (invitational)

2014 Voyeur, Lyons Wier Gallery, New York, NY (Invitational)

2014 From Scratch, Sarah Doyle Gallery, Providence, RI (Solo)

2013 Comestibles, Trustman Art Gallery, Boston, MA (Invitational)

2013 Sugar, Sugar, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Invitational)

2013 An Alphabet of Inspiration, Boston Children's Museum, Boston, MA (Juried group)

2013 Possible, UnSmoke Systems Artspace, Braddock, PA (Invitational)

2013 Project Food: The Shape of Taste, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, Rovereto Trentino, Italy (Invitational)

2012 Instructions Not Included, Artspace, New Haven, CT (Invitational)

2012 Consuming Passion: Food as Metaphor in Art, Concord Art Association, Concord, MA (Invitational)

2011-12 Curiouser, Museum of Natural History, Providence, RI (Juried group)

2011-12 From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Art of Being Green, Susquehanna Art Museum VanGo! Museum on Wheels, Harrisburg, PA (Invitational)

2010 America Remixed, Event at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA (Juried group)

2010 Entomologia, The Observatory Room, Brooklyn, NY (Invitational)

2009 Spineless Wonders, Atrium Gallery, Portland, ME (Juried group)

2009 Sixth Annual Juried Summer Exhibition, Tufts University Art Gallery, Medford, MA (Juried group)

Selected Publications

2019 O is for Oreo, Tillie, Carolyn, A Feast for the Eyes, London, UK: Reaktion Books 2019 p.120-121 Print. 2014 Pharmaceutical Products Encrusted With Crystals, Salomone, Andrew,, June 25


2014 Pharmaceuticals Covered with Crystals are Transformed into Luxury Goods for Display, Junk Culture, June 24 2014,

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2013 Salvage Designer Edge: Judith Klausner, Homespun, May 2013, p.27. Print.

2012-13 Toast Embroidery image, Max Joseph 2012-2013. Vol. 2: p. 42. Print.

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2012 "Cookie Cameos." Nibble. Ed. Rachel Strutt. Somerville: Somerville Arts Council, 2012. p. 88-90.

Print. 2012 Pa Gang. Hemslojd Feb. 2012: 11. Print.

2012 You from A to Z. O The Oprah Magazine Feb. 2012: 123. Print.

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2011 Artist Judith G. Klausner Cooks Up Embroidered Food “From Scratch”, Pham, Diane,, July 2 2011. food-from-scratch/

2011 Food Is Fashionable: Oreo Cameos, Now With Feminist Theory, Peck, Jamie,, July 1 2011. theory/

2011 Oreo Cameos by Judith G. Klausner,, June 30 2011.

2011 Oreo Sculptures and Embroidered Eggs, Dean, Sam,, June 27 2011, criti.html

Grants, Fellowships, & Awards

2014 Somerville Arts Council LCC Project Grant

2013 Awesome Foundation Grant

2011 Somerville Arts Council LCC Artist Fellowship Grant